Ground Rules

  1. No spam or trolling.
  2. This blog is open to the general public, so no negative or thoughtless comments abHackett Hallout the unit or the University. (Feel free insult us in person or in the unit reflection, but keep it off the blog!)
  3. You can critique ideas, but avoid personal attacks on people.
  4. Use spell check, paragraphs and punctuation. Don’t use lol speak or text messaging abbreviations. Srsly.
  5. Watch your language- your Mum could read this.

Did I miss anything? Do you disagree with any rules?


5 comments on “Ground Rules

  1. Science and the media helps us as scientists to focus on promoting the work we do. I would like some feed back about the use of Facebook in the realm of academe. I have just set up a Facebook account for a year 11 Chemistry group, with the aim to improve communication and provoke a collaborative atmosphere. The Facebook idea was a consensus with the class.

    What should I post on Facebook to attract students to using this form of communication?

    • Links to useful sites can also be good – I remember when a friend of mine and I set up a similar thing for our chem study group.

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