The Bloggers Cannot Save Us

How things have changed?  I remember as a child if I wanted to expand my knowledge I would have to make a trip to the library.  The books, although interesting generally, were dated.  The way forward would have been to join a group, but these days life is made easier by the vast amount of online communities.

What is an Online Community – Myles Dyer

If you have a passion or require support, there are also online communities that will support, guide and help you through your journey.

Macmillan’s Online Community

The web has also allowed the development of citizen journalists with the success of such online reporting as the Huffington Post and the Daily Kos, giving us the ability to receive up to date news and being informed on local and international development.  But how does this relate to science communication can blogging be an effective tool to inform and engage the general public?.   From one point of view the ability to discuss science themes allows the debunking of negative ideas, but on the other hand in some communities such as The Flat Earth Society, it also re-enforces their believes.  Scientist have the ability to develop a global online community to allow an open discussion on ideas and research as predicted by the following video.

The Internet Generation – science in the global online community

As a member of the general public and a scientist, I want to be involved with latest developments.  Having the ability to express my view online either as a blogger or in forum is a great step forward.  The web 2.0 has given us this ability to be a global community without borders.  As long as the science community takes advantage of this situation and we all get involved and don’t leave it to some dominant persuasive journalist, there might be a chance that the blogger could save us.


Limitations of Blogs  Mooney, Chris & Kirshenbaum, Sheril (2009) Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens Our Future,  Basic Books, New York.  Chapter 9. P109-116, 71-75.


6 comments on “The Bloggers Cannot Save Us

  1. Ok wow seriously!? Please tell me the Flat Earth Society is fake! But I guess this really does just re-enforce the dangers of ‘science’ blogging sites on the internet. I think, like you mention, if the internet is used correctly, it could definately make science much more accessible to a wider audience. The problem is being able to determine the credibility of the people within the blog – otherwise people will apparently believe anything.

    • As science communicators we have a job to do to make science more accessible to the wider public. I suppose there is always a group of people that will believe anything!

  2. That’s so true with internet and blogging sites, the science communication has never been as significant as it is today! That means a wide range of audience can contribute their ideas to express or to discuss a particular scientific topic. is perhaps one of the top blogging sites for science with high credibility. I agree with Brogan about being able to justify the credibility of a blogger, so you don’t just believe in whatever the person says. On the other hand, with forum and blog site, there is always room for people to agree or disagree with any concept that is made by the blogger. And this is one of the main aims for science communication I think – to post, to share and to discuss.

    • Web 2.0 has changed the way we communicate, and it has opened the world of science to a larger audience. Instead of having one side of the story from a book, now we can explore all sides. I like the idea of being able to contribute to a international community.

  3. One of the advantages of blogging seems to be that what you would like to write about is not edited by a superior colleague/boss in line, who needs to keep an eye on audience appeal and the profit made with the media involved. So more freedom for those how like and can express themselves well and there seems to be demand for blog posts as modern day journalism online. Everyone seems to gain from this concept, so why not?

    • I agree with your concept. If we look outside science to the recent events in the middle east, blogging can have an impact which results in the downfall of governments. However, open discussion is needed in science which may challenge current thinking!

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