Something I Saw

Hi all,

Whilst watching The Hamster Wheel tonight I saw this segment on Science in the Media so I thought I would share it with you. I couldn’t work out how to cut down the episode, but the segment runs from 23:55 onwards.

Because of ABC’s restrictions, the movie won’t embed so click here to be taken to The Hamster Wheel Episode 5

What do you think about how science is portrayed here? I found it incredibly funny but how do you think it affects the reputation of scientists?


By madeleine

3 comments on “Something I Saw

  1. Haha Thanks for making me aware of Maddy, I laughed my butt off ( I can say butt right, seeing as isn’t an official blog comment?). On the rep of scientists subject, I think any publicity is good publicity!

  2. The movie was very entertaining. I could not stop laughing at the Science section. It certainly related to the truth about the media. There must be a story that will sell and popular with the current thinking.

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