The Brain and Social Media

The brain is no doubt a very complex part of our body, processing complex information of a daily bases.  It allows us to express emotions such as happiness, sadness or just being in love.  It is essential to use and I think this You Tube Video “Ode to the Brain!” puts a lot of things into context.

An article in the Guardian Newspaper by the science writer Martin Robbins, titled “Facebook will destroy your children’s brains“.  Before exploring this concept, a look at the original purpose of this social media site might help the reader to visualise some of the arguments.

Does Facebook or other popular social media sites such as twitter destroy the brain?

According to some “top scientists” the younger generation could undergo an “identity crisis” craving for attention.  The outspoken british scientist and writer Lady Susan Greenfield certainly has a lot to say on the matter: suggesting that repetitive exposure could effectively “rewire” the brian.  Ben Goldacre the author of the website, Bad Science, suggests that Greenfield has no real evidence but is riding on excess panic, speculations and mere ideas.

The use of social media by scientists can certainly cause a stir and without further investigation by the reader, could certainly mean ‘take on this misconception’.  It appears at this stage there is a lack of evidence to suggest the children’s brains are rewired.  Perhaps at this stage we should investigate the dependence of people of these sites and their need to keep an online log of their lives and opinions of others.